Twinepathy Blog Tour Sign-Up!!!

This sounds like so much fun! I’ll hopefully be participating if I can scrounge up 3 bucks.😉

The World Of The Writer

Hullo, everyone! As promised yesterday, here is the sign up for the Twinepathy book tour! Thank you all for your congratulations and support. If you haven’t, check out Twinepathy on Amazon and add it to your Goodreads shelves.

And, finally, here’s the Twinepathy Blog Tour sign-up form! Please share this post on your own blog, website, or social media–the more bloggers we can get to participate, the better!


If you have an questions, feel free to ask them below!

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sorta hiatus but not really hiatus…

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I’m gonna take a short break from posting as I’m working on a huge project concerning this blog. It’s taking a bit of time to finish, so I’m just gonna concentrate fully on it for a week or so.

Don’t worry though. Once it’s done, you’re gonna love it.😉

Bai for now,



My Bucket List for Summer 2016

Heeeyyyyyy peeps!

The first day of summer was a few days ago, so WHY NOT MAKE A BUCKET LIST???

plus all the other bloggers are doing it so i wanted to stick with the crowd…

Im now just gonna start as I have no clue what else to say in the intro okay? okay


  • Learn to dive – My mom and I bought season passes to our city pool this year and we hang out there a ton while all my other siblings work, so this might be possible. It just might.
  • Ride a roller coaster at least 10 times in a row – I live literally 15 minutes away from a theme park, and my family gets season passes every year, so I’m definitely planning on doing this with one of my friends.😉
  • Have a water balloon fight – Something totally EPIC.

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FWWC Challenge 4

This is my entry for AnonymousA’s FWWC (Fanciful Fictions Writing Camp), and unfortunately, I was unable to participate until Challenge 4. Oops.:\

Anyways, here it is. Enjoy.🙂

Note to AnonymousA: I used all three prompts from Challenge 4, and included a teenage boy wearing a party hat.

To cope with the long wait between ship wrecks, mermaids developed a network floating libraries.

Ashlyn was looking through one, trying to find a good book to read for while she traveled to her relative’s underwater home for the weekend.
“Ooo, the Mystery of Captain Black Beard’s Beard? That sounds interesting…” she muttered to herself. It looked promising, so Ashlyn took the book out and swam back to her floating raft. She had taken together small scraps of driftwood and other materials from old ship wrecks to construct a transportation device for herself when traveling long distances. With a small sail in the center, she climbed aboard and set off back into her journey.Read More »

Happenings… [June]


Lack of posts, I know.


I’m working on a huge project and I’m actually really excited about it. More details to come soon.🙂

Now let’s continue.

Events Going On:

-This Saturday, me and my brother are hosting a huge airsoft meet for about 15-20 kids. I’ll definitely take some time to take pics and post ’em soon.🙂

-My family got season passes to the local theme park (as we do every year, since we live literally 15 minutes away) and the city pool, so we’re pretty much living there this summer. It helps make up for lack of going on vacation or visiting family or just going out of the state.


-Hot Pockets = YUMMMM


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Abortion – They Understand But They Don’t Admit | by Allie

Guys you seriously need to read this. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Girls Living For God's Glory

Today, my mom was calculating Student Loan payment and what not on a government student loan site. They asked her many questions, but one caught her eye. She soon brought this question to my attention;

The following questions will be used to calculate your family size. Do not include yourself or your spouse (if applicable) in your responses to these questions. You and your spouse, as appropriate, are automatically included in your family size.
How many children, including unborn children, are in your family and receive more than half of their support from you?

This pretty much proves that even the government believes that children in the womb are still in fact children. Because if they did not, why would they say ‘including unborn children’ to calculate your affordability payment? They want to know how many children you are supporting and an unborn child still counts as a child in their…

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The Music Award | Tagged by Loren

Hey peeps!

Yes, I know. I bet you’re probably like:

“Not another tag! And it’s even from Loren, AGAIN!”

*you run over to me and start to tackle me*


Okay, that’s probably exaggerating, but still. It’s true. I do need more creative posts…


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