Loren’s Writing Comp Entry (Just for fun)

Loren is having a writing competition over at her blog, and even though I totally missed signing up 😭, the current prompts looked pretty interesting. So I thought I’d give it a shot.


Dialogue Prompt: "See, I know he wasn't listening because he used the word 'indeed', like, five times."





We're just kids. We aren't supposed to be heroes.



See, I could tell he wasn’t listening to me because he said the word ‘indeed’, like, five times. So I stopped talking, to try and prove my theory. I looked at him, and he just sat there. Looking at his computer with no reaction, no inclination that I had stopped talking. I really, really hated it when he would did this. Ignoring me because he was afraid of what I would say.Β I sat up abruptly, pushing my chair back with so much force that it fell back with a loud crash onto the floor. The sound of chatter faded as numerous heads turned from their own tables at the sudden disturbance, Bradon’s included. After a few moments of me giving them all a nice, hard glare, the strangers turned back to their own business, resuming conversations.
But Bradon kept looking at me.
β€œWhat’s the matter with you?” He questioned.
I scoffed and glared at him. I was so angry IΒ balled my fists. He saw the movement, leaned back in his chair, and held up his hands in an innocent gesture.
β€œI was just asking. No need to get offended.”
So much anger was welling up inside of myself that I just stalked off, heading for the door of the cafe without saying anything. As I opened it, Bradon stood up and called to me, β€œSo are you really going to do it?” Maybe he had been listening after all.Β I stood there in the doorway, half in and half out. I turned back and looked at him long and hard.
β€œWhat do you think?” I snarled. And with that, I left him, staring after at me, a shocked look on his face, and with his mouth slightly agape.

I stared up at the tall, metal link fence, breathing deeply. My mind was fighting with itself, trying to persuade me to turn back, forget everything, and live a normal life again. You’re just a kid. You’re not supposed to be a hero. I shoved that thought into the back of my mind. Making sure that I had my pistol with me, I started forward, ignoring the big red sign that read:


As I started climbing, I sighed in exasperation.
β€œI really have to stop wearing these type of boots if I’m going to be climbing fences. They do not have good grip.” Don’t get me wrong, they were pretty good boots when it came to fashion. Real leather, Persian fur top, five inch heel, it’s just they weren’t very good for climbing metal fences.
Especially climbing metal fences, I thought as I slipped and almost fell to my doom.
When I reached the top and was swinging over to the other side, the black, leather fingerless glove on my left hand caught on something. I tried to tug it free, but the sharp edge of the metal link fence scraped my hand and a bright red trickle of blood started falling down.
β€œI thought these gloves were ‘Heavy Duty,’” I muttered angrily.

As I finally jumped down to the hard ground on the other side, I saw Bradon running toward the fence, gesturing for me to come back to him.
β€œKayla, STOP! You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into!”
I smiled at him sadly. Bradon had always been a good friend. Just a friend, nothing closer, but a really amazing friend. I will miss him.
β€œI do know, Bradon. But I have to do it. There’s no turning back now.” He stared at me with a terrified look of shock on his face as he realized that I was serious, breathing heavily at the same time. I started to turn away when he called back to me.
β€œKayla, wait! I-” he looked down and shuffled his feet, β€œKayla, you’ve been the best friend I’ve ever had. The only friend I’ve ever had. I-” His voice caught with emotion. He looked up at me, a pained look on his face.
β€œI don’t want to lose you.” He said softly.
Oh, how I’ll miss you Bradon.
I suddenly turned and ran towards the big factory with its smoke filling the air, tears streaming down my face. I could hear Bradon calling out to me, but I kept running, like so many others before me.

For, like all the others, I knew I would not return.

Well that was a bit dark.

I was a bit sad as I added the part about the two best friends parting, but I felt like it would add a little more emotion into the whole thing. I felt like it was pretty good over all. 😏 *pats myself on back*

Anyway, leave a comment down below if you liked it or not, and whether I should do the next challenge of Loren’s Creative Worlds Writing Camp. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Loren’s Writing Comp Entry (Just for fun)

  1. Aaah! That’s so sad! good WRITING though.
    You really should do more stories! I came to your blog and searched ‘writing’ and ‘stories’ in the search thing cause I enjoy reading your stories so much! Sadly, I couldn’t find many that you’ve written. Well…please write more stories soon! πŸ˜€


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