Creative Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 5

I am extremely sorry to everyone who was waiting for 12 DoC the past few days. We have been so busy that I have not had one single chance to get to the computer and work on the blog. 😥 And since I don’t even have a draft for today’s DoC, I am just going to give all of you my entry for Challenge 5 of Loren’s writing camp. Some of you asked for more, so I decided to give the next challenge a try. Yes, it is a day later than what the due date was, but I am just doing this for fun, so it’s not too big of a deal.

Enjoy! 😀





Cranita took another silent step through the silent woods of Akramor. Her sharp, lightning blue eyes darted around the white forest, looking for what was not there. She gripped the hilt of her silver sword tighter.
Just because They are not seen does not mean They are not there.
Many had forgotten this, venturing out. And many had paid for their confidence.
Cranita did not want to follow the path so many had gone down.
The forest was glistening with freshly fallen snow. It sparkled in the early moring sunlight. And as she dashed through it, Canita’s eyes were everywhere.
Searching for Them.
They were the reason the village burned to the ground. They were the reason Cranita was left on her own. They were the reason why Cranita was in the forest and not on the roads. The roads were not safe after dawn. For that was when things would happen. And as if on cue, Cranita heard a faint scream of terror. Cranita’s face became saddened as at that same moment some unlucky traveler was facing horrors no one could even imagine. A small, almost unnoticeable, tear dropped into the snow, creating a tiny hole in the pure whiteness as Cranita remembered her Seeker partner, Sarka, had gone through a smiliar fate. She had searched for him as long as she was able to. She had even crossed Seeker boundaries and dressed as a villager to search towns. But to no avail, she had accepted the realization that Sarka was gone, never to be seen again.

A snap of a twig, and a small painful grunt from somewhere nearby brought Cranita back to reality, for she thought it may have been a guard of Them looking for villagers near roads. Instead of turning her head to the sound, Cranita quickly but silently hid behind a tree. She had very quick instincts and absolutely silent movement, giving her the ability to move so silently that not even the most trained ears could hear her. These gifts were given to her by the Old Ones, and she cherished them, for not everyone was given gifts like these. No, only a select group of people received these gifts. Or powers, as the modern world would say. Inhuman powers. Powers so strong, some could jump as high as four horses stacked atop each other, or raise objects into the air, causing them to float.
Many people thought it was witchcraft, others thought they were aliens sent from above to take over the land, and still others just thought it was all rumors, and the Seekers, as these gifted people called themselves, did not even exist.

But they did exist.

Some Seekers sought through the land, looking for others like them, who had not yet discovered who they were. Other Seekers tried to stop Them. And that is what Cratina was trying to accomplish. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, slowing down her adrenaline as she grasped the hilt of her sword.
Don’t make a sound. Stay low to the ground.
She repeated the two phrases over and over in her mind. The two phrases that had been drilled into her brain when she first discovered her gift. These two phrases were what helped her stay alive, but she still had to follow them so she could survive.
Silently, Cranita lowered herself closer to the ground until she was crouching on her legs. She took one last quick breath, then lunged from behind the tree to face the stranger, her sword seeming leaping out of its sheath into her hand as she did so.

What Cranita saw quite took her breath away.

The stranger was dressed very similar to herself. Black clothes underneath black armor with dull silver trimming the edges and seams. The stranger also had a black cloak, one very similar to Cranita’s own cloak, even with some armor on the cowl as well. All of this revealed this person to be a Seeker looking very much like Cranita. But there were a few differences. Like the many cuts, bruises, and even blood on the Seeker’s body, as well as numerous tears and holes in the cloak, scratches and dents on the armor, one of the gloves was missing, the armored cowl had been thrown back, and the mask covering the Seeker’s mouth, nose, and chin had been torn off, revealing a surprised but happy grin.  This stranger was another smiling Seeker seeming to have gone through many dangers, but that is not what surprised Cranita the most. What surprised her, was that this Seeker was Sarka.

Sarka may have many cuts on his limbs and many tears in his clothing, he may be favoring his right leg, there may be very terrible dangers nearby, and the world may be in ruins. But nothing could stop Cranita from smiling so widely it hurt her cheeks, forgetting all about staying silent, dropping her sword, and leaping into her best friend’s arms.


Well! I think that was pretty good. 🙂 The ending was a bit abrupt, but I didn’t want it to be a super long story. And it’s not really the greatest writing I’ve ever done, but it’s not the worst either.

Thanks for reading, and I promise I WILL have a DoC tomorrow! 🙂


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