Creative Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 6

As most of you already know, Loren is doing a writing camp over at her blog. And even though I was too late to sign up, I enjoy writing stories from the prompts she gives the contestants. So this is the last challenge for a while, because Loren will be stopping the camp until December 28. Many people will be with family, so she decided to have a small break before starting up again.

And now, without further adieu, let us begin! 🙂








Imagine yourself having a room full of portals that can take you to any planet in the universe. Imagine yourself going through one, to a place called Yuma’thela’on, and exploring the planet. You walk by many towns, villages, and even cities. Many of these civilizations have a mix of both Medieval and Modern technology. For instance, there are shops and resturaunts with neon signs but there is no indoor plumbing. Everyone’s transportation is by wagons or horses, but many of them are carrying iPhones or computers. There are a lot of ladies wearing big poofy dresses made of cotton, while the men are dressed with baggy pants, tank tops, a baseball cap, and sneakers that are too large. The roads are made of dirt, and yet there are street lights surrounding them.
Once you are past the civilization, you walk by large fields growing tall branches of julk, the main food product of the Yumans. In the fields tending to the crops are farmers. But these are just as peculiar as the townspeople. For they have straw hats on their heads to protect them from the hot green sun above, but they wear fancy leather jackets, skin-tight jeans, and designer fur boots.

You travel far, when you come to a town that really intrigues you. Not because of the way they dress, not because the wagons have car tires on them, but because on every sign, all the letters have been peeled off except the ones that spell “Cure us”. And all these signs, were surrounding the orphanage near the center of the town. Like the abandoned photo shop with the neon blue sign saying “Picture House” next to the orphanage building. But the p, I, t, e, h, o, and e were turned off. Or the little advertisement hanging on the tall metal fence that read,

“Cutlery Requires Polish! Buy the Turnan Brothers’ Silver Polish for only $9.99!”

But all the words had been painted over except the letters “Cutlery Requires Polish! Buy the Turnan Brothers’ Silver Polish for only $9.99!”. You wonder why the fence is a metal fence, and why it is six feet tall with barbed electrical wire at the top. That’s when you come to the realization that the fence around the orphanage was to keep the public safe from the kids – not the other way around. For when you look inside the fence, you see many kids. Young and old, big and small, wide and thin. But if you look closer, you’ll see all the kids look haggard and tired. They all have an empty look to them, like as if their souls had been stolen and all they could do was sit around waiting for the souls to come back.

Many of them cough out loud, and it sounds so terrible you wince. They all look like they could die any minute, and that’s when you decide to take action. That’s when you decide to end all of this separation. The separation of the kids from the normal townspeople that act like they’re monsters.

Who am I, you ask? I am Ju’olie Karthi’inon, protector of the Universe. I am the one who saw those children. I am the one who was the only person to care for them. I am the one who helped cure them. And I am the one who protects the Universe no matter what the circumstances or opinions.


This was pretty fun to write, because it was a completely new writing style. It was all something that someone is telling you about and you’re supposed to imagine it. It was pretty interesting. 🙂 I also think the moral turned out pretty good.  It was all about helping people even if everyone else thought they were useless and weren’t worth helping.

Overall, I feel it was a good story. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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