My Current TBR Stack

Long time, no post, huh? Yeah I’m sorry ’bout that. Things have been SOO hectic the past few days that I just haven’t been able to sit down and write a post. But now I’m here! And to make up for the long break, I’m gonna do a book post.



We went to the liberry yesterday and got a bunch of books! And the awesome thing is, they recently restocked and had a huge shelf full of *NEW* books. Which is great, because our library is a pretty small library and I’ve read almost all of the books they have that I’m allowed to read. So (of course) I got a BUNCH of new books, and I thought I would share with you my finds. 🙂

The TBR Pile:

The Thing About Jellyfish
Sorry about the bad pics. It was a bit late, but I wanted to get this post done by today.


The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin — YES YES YES YES YESSS I am SO excited about this one. I have read so many good reviews on this book that as soon as I saw it on the shelf I instantly grabbed it and added it to my stack of books. I will most likely read through this one in about a day or two, so stay tuned for a review coming up. 😀

Mr. Terupt Series

Because of Mr. Terupt Series by Rob Buyea — This sounds like a very interesting series. It’s about 7 kids in a class with a very…different teacher. I saw the third one on the “new books” shelf and though it looked good, so I grabbed the other two as well. I’m intrigued by how this will be.

The Girl in the Torch

The Girl in the Torch by Robert Sharenow — THIS looks really cool. This girl wants to go to America, but somehow her ship is sent back to her home country without her actually even getting to see it. So then she decides to jump off the ship and live as a stowaway in the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

Serefina and the Black Cloak

Serefina and the Black Cloak by Roberty Beatty — Can I just say that this cover is GORGEOUS?? That, actually, is one of the main reasons I picked this book up. 😝  This is a pretty good mystery where a girl and her father live in the basement of a big manor (her father is the maintenance man), and a bunch of the children in the manor start to go missing. *waves hands around creepily in the air* OOoooOOOOOoooo

Another Kind of Hurricane

Another Kind of Hurricane by Tamara Ellis Smith — This kid is going to help victims at Hurricane Katrina while another kid is trying to get away from it. They are led together all by a little marble. I don’t know, I just thought it looked interesting. Plus, who doesn’t love destruction with hurricanes?? >:D

Nooks and Crannies

Nooks & Crannies by Jessica Lawson — I was a tad on this iffy when I looked at the cover yeah yeah yeah I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover by sometimes its hard not to, but when I read the cover it actually looked pretty interesting. The main character’s been summoned with five other kids to a place believed to be haunted. No one knows why, but apparently it’s supposed to be something very interesting.


The Brotherband Chonicles by John Flanaga — AAAHHHH I’m super excited for these books too. My local library doesn’t have any of the series, but they do have an online website where you can ‘borrow’ eBooks. They’re on hold at the moment, but I should be able to read them soon. 😀 If any of you don’t know what the Brotherband Chonicles are, it’s a series much like the Ranger’s Apprentice. The books are set in the same world, time period, and even a few of the same characters, it’s just in a different place and the main characters are a  bit different. But I absolutely LOVED the Ranger’s Apprentice series, and I bet I’ll like this one too. 🙂

TBR Stack Insta

And that’s about it! Now, most of these books are actually a bit kiddy in my opinion (I’m an action person and love lots of action and suspense in my reads yeah im a bit bloodthirsty…), but I’m not allowed to read much in the YA section. But then again, any books are fine with me. 😜

Mr. Terupt Series B&W

Have you read any of these books? What are some of your TBR books that you’re pumped for?


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