Random Writings Part 2

Hey peeps!

Some of you requested another “Random Writings” post, so I thought I would share with ya my writings from prompts, images, etc. that other bloggers have prompted me to write about.

Enjoy! 🙂

Loren’s Prompt:

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

With one last slow, sorrowful look around the room, I grabbed my dirty, beat-up backpack and turned away. I slowly started to walk away when I felt a hand on my arm turn me around.
“Jake. Please don’t go,” she whispered, her voice catching slightly.
I smiled a very sad smile at her. This was always the hardest part. Saying goodbye. I had never liked it, but I had to do it.
Turning to face her, I reached for her hand and held on to it. Tightly. Like I never wanted to let it go. Which I didn’t.
“Oh, Dee,” I had to bow my head for saying her so familiar nickname had caused the tears to start swelling in my eyes. I looked up, and she was in the same state.
I stroked her tear-stained cheek, just as soft as I always had remembered. Her eyes met mine, and I tried to remember them, for I knew after today, I would never see them again. They were such a brilliant blue, with a few speckles of green. Like a calm sea on the edge of a beach. They usually were filled with laughter, but now the look they gave broke my heart in two.
“You know I have to. You know I don’t have a choice.”
I pulled her close to me, hugging her tightly. What would’ve seemed like an eternity to anyone else only felt like a second to me. But I had to eventually pull away.
“I’ll never forget you, Jake.” She squeezed my hand and slowly slipped hers out.
I only nodded, too filled with emotion to speak. And with one last look at her face, I painfully trudged through the broken doorway, down the sagging, beaten steps, and onto the small dirt road to my new destination.
I never looked back, for I knew that if I did, my heart would’ve fallen and never been able to get back up.

Loren’s Prompt:

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes


Katrina stared at me. A very perplexed look on her face. I spread out my hands in a helpless guesture.
“Um. Yeah. About that.”
She finally dropped her gaze and plopped herself resignedly down into her black plush, leather office chair. She placed her head on her hand that was resting on the arm of the chair and rubbed her forhead. I’m still very confused by her reaction. With a sigh, she talked to me, but kept her head in her hand.
“No one just jumps off a 20 story building while being chased by a maniac carrying a bomb then grabs onto a rope while in midair attached to a helicopter and swings across the Mississippi and lands in a pond leading to a underground secret lair!” with each phrase she raises her voice, and by the time she said Mississippi she had risen out of her chair and was shouting about three inches from my face.
Even though I felt a few drops of spit, I didn’t flinch. Instead, I tried a defensive approach.
“I thought I told you already that I was ready.”
Katrina threw up her arm in disgust and let it slap to her side. She then turned around and started walking the other way, shaking her head. She turned to face me again.
“How was I supposed to know you were telling the truth when you said that Danger was your middle name?!”
This was a very puzzling moment for me, so I occupied myself to scratching my head.
“Because I told you,” I replied slowly. I still didn’t understand her worry.
Katrina sighed and rested her head in her hand once again, only this time she was still standing up.
“Whatever. At least you’re still alive.” She then waved her hand at me, still not looking up, motioning for me to leave. “Please just leave me alone.”
I walked through the doorway when she called out my name.
I turned to face her, my hand resting on the doorknob.
“Next time, please warn me when you’re being so literal.”
I smiled at her.
“You’ll be the first to know.”
And with that, I left her shaking her head and quietly chuckling to herself.

Grace’s Prompts:

Image credit Grace @ GWFGG

The wolf, dark as midnight, sits alone in the wintery forest. Trees glistening from snow resting on their branches while the snow on the ground sparkles like glitter.. The wolf seems quite alone, but deep inside him is something very the opposite. A crow, dark as midnight, flutters around in the swirling blueness of the wolf. It flaps it’s wings in desperate hope to fly away, but the wolf stays strong. The wolf feels it’s powerful wings beat against his body. He senses the vibrations of its calls. But even with the crow fighting with all its will, it remains ensared. Eventually, when the crow loses hope and falls back, defeated, the wolf lets lose a piercing howl. The sound unique in every way. Sorrow, hatred, and joy all combined into one, long note. With one last force, the crow surges forward and escapes through the wolf’s snout. But instead of flying for freedom, the crow circles back and lands gently onto the wolf’s head. The two, dark as midnight, then continue through the forest on their journey.

Image credit Grace @ GWFGG

The girl is transfixed into a book. She sits in a small clearing in the green forest on a fallen log. The sun shines through the trees, enveloping her body in a golden glow. Her navy blue dress with lace trimmings is laid around the log. Her auborn hair’s piled up into a large bun, tied with a rose red silk ribbon. The book she holds conceals her face, she is so taken into it. It looks tattered and worn, but it has been tattered and worn with countless reads. With a happy sigh, the girl turns the last page and slowly closes the novel. She places it on the grass, letting the green sprigs swallow it into their midst, and leans back on the log. She closes her eyes, and the sun shines all around her body, giving her the look of a shining angel.
She looks so peaceful. Even with all the terrors occurring at that time, she looks like she hasn’t a care in the world.

(This was actually a poem I made inspired off Misty’s AWWC Prompt “Photograph”. I didn’t use it for my entry, but I thought I would give poetry a try. 😉 Please excuse my terrible poetry though. This is really the first time I’ve tried it… 😜)


She has a polaroid.

Wherever she goes, it goes.

Where it goes, she goes.

They’re one and the same.

Never one without the other.

Anything she sees,

can become something beautiful.

With a click,

with a snap,

and with a shoot.

Even with all the trouble,

horrifying her only world.

She can escape,

to someplace magnificent.

With just a click,



*spreads hands*


I hope you guys liked my little writings and lemme know your favorite below. More to come soon. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Random Writings Part 2

  1. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE! NOW! *threatens U with a butter knife* hehe! xD Great job! 😀 OOOH I LOVED THE FIRST AND SECOND ONE!!! THE first one was GREAT! 😀 GREAT JOB!! 😀

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