CWWC Entry Challenge #8 | Part 2


So I know that Loren’s CWWC (Creative Worlds Writing Camp) has already gone onto Challenge 9, but I just wanted to show you peoples the second part for Challenge 8.

Hope ya like it. 🙂

Part 1

They traveled for many days. If they came across a small, deserted village—as there were many in this land—the girls would run inside the houses to scavenge for food, while Aria hunted with her bow and arrows for any wild animals lurking around the ruins.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

As they traveled on the roads, the girls would tell Aria more about their past. Apparently, there had been a small creek about half a mile from their house. They would go there once a day to get water at noontime, when there weren’t as many wild animals running around.
And before their parents had become “ill”, they had taught the girls how to cultivate a garden and find edible roots in the forest surrounding the house.
As they talked more and more, Aria found that Esther was ten years old, Jasper was eight, and Lilly was five.
Lilly had taken to clinging to Aria whenever possible, even if it meant hanging onto her leg while she tried to walk. Jasper was more of the quiet type, and would mostly stick to herself when we walked.
“Oh don’t mind her,” Lilly told Aria when she asked if Jasper was alright. “She does it all the time,” and then continued to play with her little doll Aria had made for her out of sticks and long grass.

Aria in turn then told them how she was an orphan since about 10 years old, and she was raised by Draegons.

“But weren’t you sad about your parents dying?” Jasper asked, suddenly very intrigued by her story, “How were you not frightened by the Draegons?”

“Well,” Aria replied, “I needed a hero, so that’s what I became.”

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes
Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

Aria told the girls how the Draegons had taught her how to read, how to use any weapons, and how to survive in the wilderness.
She told them about the other mystical creatures that lived in the Draegons’ kingdom, like the Hiolies, glow-in-the-dark butterflies; Merpeople, mermaids and mermen; Ergies, goldfish with dragonfly wings; and Mursts, little mushroom men.
Lilly’s blue eyes sparkled as she imagined butterflies glowing in the dark and mushrooms that were actually little men.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

They were all quite a sight, really. Aria, with her dark cloak, boots, gloves, and clothing. Armed with a bow and arrow, throwing knives, and a tomahawk, while carrying a small toddler on her back, holding the arm of a young child, and another walking right beside.

They were walking down a dirt pathway in the middle of a jungle, and Esther was telling Aria about their old pet goat, Wendy, and how she would hate it when they tried to ride her. Lilly–in one of her rare moments of not hanging onto Aria–and Jasper, holding her by the hand, were climbing over fallen trees and logs, when Jasper suddenly let loose a scream and fell down.

Aria ran to Jasper’s side where she lay face down, her jet black, pixie hair fallen over her face. Jasper pushed against a fallen stick to try and get back up, but as soon as she put weight onto her left foot, her leg crumpled and she fell back down, her face grimaced in pain.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

Aria gently felt along her ankle and realized that it was sprained. She fixed it up and told them that they would have to stay camped for a few days until Jasper was well enough to walk again.

Aria was quite nervous about that, as she had seen the sign they passed a few hours ago saying, “HERE BE FAERIES”.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes
Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

Aria cursed under her breath.

If only this hadn’t happened for another few hours and then they would be outside of this horrible place.
But with a sigh Aria realized that there was nothing that could be done. She would just have to stand watch for most of the night tonight. And most likely the next few nights to come.

Another sigh from Aria.

Goodbye beautiful sleep.

Aria was sitting against a tree in the dark of the night. From just a glance, she looked like she was slumped with sleep, but in reality, she was actually fully alert. Watching anything that moved.
And right now, what moved were Faeries. Tall, skeletal beings. Whispy and faded, but still treacherous.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes
Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

Faint high-pitched cries came from them as they walked through the forest far away.
Aria saw something move over by the girls’ sleeping forms, and quickly reached for her tomahawk. She was relieved to realize that it was only Lilly standing up from her sleeping roll. Lilly walked over to Aria and snuggled against her side.

“What is that noise?” she asked Aria in a quiet voice.

“Those are the Faeries who haunt these woods,” Aria answered.

Lilly looked up at Aria and asked, “I thought only houses could be haunted.” Aria smiled down at her.

“No, not all haunted places are houses,” Aria replied. She then put her arm around Lilly and drew her close, “But there’s nothing to be afraid of. They’re far away and I won’t let them hurt you.”

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes
Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

Lilly seemed quite satisfied with that answer and then rested her little head against Aria’s knee. Within moments, she was sound asleep once more, one little hand clenched to her doll, the other holding Aria’s.

There you gooooo 🙂

For Challenge 9, I will be continuing this story.

Peaces. (which is my version of Peace Out)


((Oh dear. Just realized I never added a prompt from Challenge 8… I think it’s cuz I originally wrote this story for Challenge 7 and the Challenge 8 prompts don’t come until later… Oops 😕 ))


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