cwwc entry // challenge 2

CWWC – Creative Worlds Writing Competition

loren, I have used all three prompts in this story for my entry. thanks again for hosting. 🙂

(edit: so somehow wordpress posted this a day late?? but i did click publish on august 8th, so *shrug* idk watcha wanna do about that. i’ll pay closer attention next time..)


I watch with wide eyes the scene that lay there before me. Racking sobs choke their way out of my throat as I sit there, helpless to change anything.  I feel chained. Restricted. Forcibly held down. Unable to do anything or say anything as my heart and mind both crumble to dust.

Through a hazy image, my emotional gaze follows small figures behave in different ways to the content of the crumpled letter that sat on the ground before them. One, larger than the rest, angrily punches a hole into the wall of the dainty victorian house they live in. His mouth opens in exaggerated movements, conveying the motion of shouts of rage. Another with long hair quietly cries to herself, curling up in a chair as she cuddles an infant in her arms. Two more, smaller but exactly alike, just stare at the paper, unable to comprehend if their comrades read the words right. All of their faces are filled with the same look. Anger, fear, confusion, sorrow. The immense tragedy of it all combines all emotions into one massive outbreak, relentlessly tearing each of their hearts apart.


I scream at the photograph, willing it all to be untrue. Shaking fingers try desperately to rip the image in two, but I knew I couldn’t. They wanted me to suffer. There was nothing I could do, and They knew that. I crumple the image and toss it to the side as I pull at my own stringy hair, frantically scrounging, searching, thinking of anything that I could do.

“Don’t make it end like this! Please!”

I don’t bother wiping the tear-stains off my grimy cheeks as I look around my barren cell. Wooden walls encase me to an overwhelmingly claustrophobic extent, but I pay it no heed as I shout into the void. My breathing is rapid and uncontrolled, adrenaline soaring through my veins to an almost exceeding amount.

“Tell them I said something!”

I pound at the walls of the small enclosure until my arms feel like jelly, screaming until my voice is gone and my throat feels like coarse sandpaper. I couldn’t just sit here. I had to do something. I had to. But as I finally collapse into a sobbing heap, holding that last piece of reality to my chest, I know there is not a single thing in this universe that would make Them stop. With trembling hands, I cast one more glance at the small polaroid, watching the dainty Victorian in its quiet Mississippi neighborhood fade away into the abyss. The photograph paper turns white and dissolves into fine dust, slowly sliding through the cracks between my fingers into nothingness.

In another world, another galaxy away, I close my eyes and accept my fate. I accept the fact that there is nothing left for me now. Nothing to care for or hold onto. Only pain and sorrow lay ahead, and it was just the beginning for Them.




4 thoughts on “cwwc entry // challenge 2

  1. ANYBODY WHO SAYS I’M EXTREMELY SAD NOW IS LYING not. Oh my gosh that was so perfect though 😭 My heart is ruined but apparently I love to make myself suffer so …
    Excellent writing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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