CWWC Entry Challenge #8 | Part 2


So I know that Loren’s CWWC (Creative Worlds Writing Camp) has already gone onto Challenge 9, but I just wanted to show you peoples the second part for Challenge 8.

Hope ya like it. 🙂

Part 1

They traveled for many days. If they came across a small, deserted village—as there were many in this land—the girls would run inside the houses to scavenge for food, while Aria hunted with her bow and arrows for any wild animals lurking around the ruins.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

As they traveled on the roads, the girls would tell Aria more about their past. Apparently, there had been a small creek about half a mile from their house. They would go there once a day to get water at noontime, when there weren’t as many wild animals running around.
And before their parents had become “ill”, they had taught the girls how to cultivate a garden and find edible roots in the forest surrounding the house.
As they talked more and more, Aria found that Esther was ten years old, Jasper was eight, and Lilly was five.
Lilly had taken to clinging to Aria whenever possible, even if it meant hanging onto her leg while she tried to walk. Jasper was more of the quiet type, and would mostly stick to herself when we walked.
“Oh don’t mind her,” Lilly told Aria when she asked if Jasper was alright. “She does it all the time,” and then continued to play with her little doll Aria had made for her out of sticks and long grass. Continue reading “CWWC Entry Challenge #8 | Part 2”

CWWC Challenge #8 Entry | Part 1

Wassup everyone? How’s your day goin’?

Today, I’m posting my entry for Loren’s CWWC, for the eighth challenge. I had originally written this for the seventh challenge, but unfortunately, I was unable to finish it in time. So I’m adding on to it so that I can do the eighth.

It’s pretty long, because I want to include a lot of prompts in there. The reason for that, is because I have missed about 4 challenges of this competition and I feel really bad, so I wanna make it up to my teammates. 🙂


Note to Loren: Loren, if possible, I would like to include the entire story with all its parts as one entry for Challenge 8. I used 4 prompts from previous challenges in this part. And don’t worry, I will be using some of the prompts from Challenge 8 later in this story. Continue reading “CWWC Challenge #8 Entry | Part 1”

Creative Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 6

As most of you already know, Loren is doing a writing camp over at her blog. And even though I was too late to sign up, I enjoy writing stories from the prompts she gives the contestants. So this is the last challenge for a while, because Loren will be stopping the camp until December 28. Many people will be with family, so she decided to have a small break before starting up again.

And now, without further adieu, let us begin! 🙂








Imagine yourself having a room full of portals that can take you to any planet in the universe. Imagine yourself going through one, to a place called Yuma’thela’on, and exploring the planet. You walk by many towns, villages, and even cities. Many of these civilizations have a mix of both Medieval and Modern technology. For instance, there are shops and resturaunts with neon signs but there is no indoor plumbing. Everyone’s transportation is by wagons or horses, but many of them are carrying iPhones or computers. There are a lot of ladies wearing big poofy dresses made of cotton, while the men are dressed with baggy pants, tank tops, a baseball cap, and sneakers that are too large. The roads are made of dirt, and yet there are street lights surrounding them. Continue reading “Creative Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 6”

Creative Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 5

I am extremely sorry to everyone who was waiting for 12 DoC the past few days. We have been so busy that I have not had one single chance to get to the computer and work on the blog. 😥 And since I don’t even have a draft for today’s DoC, I am just going to give all of you my entry for Challenge 5 of Loren’s writing camp. Some of you asked for more, so I decided to give the next challenge a try. Yes, it is a day later than what the due date was, but I am just doing this for fun, so it’s not too big of a deal.

Enjoy! 😀





Cranita took another silent step through the silent woods of Akramor. Her sharp, lightning blue eyes darted around the white forest, looking for what was not there. She gripped the hilt of her silver sword tighter.
Just because They are not seen does not mean They are not there.
Many had forgotten this, venturing out. And many had paid for their confidence.
Cranita did not want to follow the path so many had gone down.
The forest was glistening with freshly fallen snow. It sparkled in the early moring sunlight. And as she dashed through it, Canita’s eyes were everywhere.
Searching for Them. Continue reading “Creative Worlds Writing Camp Challenge 5”

Loren’s Writing Comp Entry (Just for fun)

Loren is having a writing competition over at her blog, and even though I totally missed signing up 😭, the current prompts looked pretty interesting. So I thought I’d give it a shot.


Dialogue Prompt: "See, I know he wasn't listening because he used the word 'indeed', like, five times."





We're just kids. We aren't supposed to be heroes.



See, I could tell he wasn’t listening to me because he said the word ‘indeed’, like, five times. So I stopped talking, to try and prove my theory. I looked at him, and he just sat there. Looking at his computer with no reaction, no inclination that I had stopped talking. I really, really hated it when he would did this. Ignoring me because he was afraid of what I would say. I sat up abruptly, pushing my chair back with so much force that it fell back with a loud crash onto the floor. Continue reading “Loren’s Writing Comp Entry (Just for fun)”