Random Writings Part 2

Hey peeps!

Some of you requested another “Random Writings” post, so I thought I would share with ya my writings from prompts, images, etc. that other bloggers have prompted me to write about.

Enjoy! 🙂

Loren’s Prompt:

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

With one last slow, sorrowful look around the room, I grabbed my dirty, beat-up backpack and turned away. I slowly started to walk away when I felt a hand on my arm turn me around.
“Jake. Please don’t go,” she whispered, her voice catching slightly.
I smiled a very sad smile at her. This was always the hardest part. Saying goodbye. I had never liked it, but I had to do it.
Turning to face her, I reached for her hand and held on to it. Tightly. Like I never wanted to let it go. Which I didn’t. Continue reading “Random Writings Part 2”

In Which I Share My Pitifully Written Random Writings

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to everyone for not being very active the past two weeks. Many, many things have been going on around here, and I just haven’t had a time to be able to sit down and write posts. But I will hopefully be posting more frequently now. 🙂

ANYwho, Loren had a post about where she just wrote what came to her mind from images. I got a tad bit inspired and decided I would make my own little version. Mine are around a paragraph/2 paragraphs each.

Enjoy. 🙂

1920’s Black & White


I watched as she tore down the pavement. Her once elegant dress clinging to her legs as she tried to run through the drenching rain. Her one arm swang back and forth, sometimes windmilling, trying to help her keep her balance on the slippery sidewalk in her three inch heels, while her other hand tightly held onto the black umbrella. Unfortunately for her, the umbrella didn’t help much and she was extremely soaked, but it didn’t really seem like she cared. Continue reading “In Which I Share My Pitifully Written Random Writings”