Hey, friend.

My name’s Suzy, but everyone calls me Q. I love sports, drawing, books, video games, food, and the Lord Jesus. I like to think this blog is my escape from reality and post many ramblings and thoughts.

Have fun exploring.


I am a Reformed Christian. I believe God came down to earth in human flesh to be among His people and die on the cross for my, your, and everyone’s sins. I believe He rose again after three days of death, and is now sitting at the right hand of our Heavenly Father.

He is Real. He is Almighty. He is God.


What is there to say? They’re amazing and totally worth you while and that’s that.


I love all sports and anything that involves being active. Right now, I’m currently playing on a competitive traveling softball team, but I’ve also played soccer and volleyball. I also enjoy the smaller sports as hobbies, such as ice skating, rock climbing, and roller blading.


I’ve always had fun designing images and blogs, and I love to learn more. I’m currently running my own small blog design site, and I hope to make it into a career in the future.

So that’s me. Nice to meetcha.