CWWC Entry Challenge #8 | Part 2


So I know that Loren’s CWWC (Creative Worlds Writing Camp) has already gone onto Challenge 9, but I just wanted to show you peoples the second part for Challenge 8.

Hope ya like it. ūüôā

Part 1

They traveled for many days. If they¬†came across a small, deserted village‚ÄĒas there were many in this land‚ÄĒthe girls would run inside the houses to scavenge for food, while Aria¬†hunted with her¬†bow and arrows for any wild animals lurking around the ruins.

Image credit Loren @ Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

As they¬†traveled on the roads, the girls would tell Aria¬†more about their past. Apparently, there had been a small creek about half a mile from their house. They would go there once a day to get water at noontime, when there weren’t as many wild animals running around.
And before their parents had become ‚Äúill‚ÄĚ, they had taught the girls how to cultivate a garden and find edible roots in the forest surrounding the house.
As they talked more and more, Aria found that Esther was ten years old, Jasper was eight, and Lilly was five.
Lilly had taken to clinging to Aria whenever possible, even if it meant hanging onto her leg while she tried to walk. Jasper was more of the quiet type, and would mostly stick to herself when we walked.
‚ÄúOh don’t mind her,‚ÄĚ Lilly told Aria¬†when she¬†asked if Jasper was alright. ‚ÄúShe does it all the time,‚ÄĚ and then continued to play with her little doll Aria¬†had made for her out of sticks and long grass. Continue reading “CWWC Entry Challenge #8 | Part 2”

CWWC Challenge #8 Entry | Part 1

Wassup everyone? How’s your day goin’?

Today, I’m posting my entry for Loren’s CWWC, for¬†the eighth¬†challenge. I had originally written this for the seventh challenge, but unfortunately, I was unable to finish it in time. So I’m adding on to it so that I can do the eighth.

It’s pretty long, because I want to include a lot of prompts in there. The reason for that, is because I have missed about 4 challenges of this competition and I feel really bad, so I wanna make it up to my teammates. ūüôā


Note to Loren: Loren, if possible, I would like to include the entire story with all its parts as one entry for Challenge 8. I used 4 prompts from previous challenges in this part. And don’t worry, I will be using some of the prompts from Challenge 8 later in this story. Continue reading “CWWC Challenge #8 Entry | Part 1”