the youngest perks

*pounding footsteps rushing down stairs*



if anyone is actually still out there reading this, i’ve come to announce the news that i, suzy, am back in the blogging universe. (and for real this time) *jumps up and down excitedly*

the past year or so has been a crazy whirlwind of life. i’ve changed a lot, and life has been absolutely nuts. but now i’ve gotten the chance of coming back to this place. i will admit, i’ve really missed it.


i has more news.

We are movingggg

Not like, legit moving to another state or something i wish, but ends&odds is moving!

not only web address, but also platform. yeah, i’ve kind of fallen to the dark side and gone to Blogger. i came to realize recently that some of my lack of motivation was because i didn’t even like how the site looked. Blogger has so much HTML and CSS freedom, that it really makes up for its own bugs and glitches. (and i know i’ve said i’m back to a normal schedule before, but that never worked out. i feel like if i switch platforms, it gives me a nice blank slate to work on, hence more motivation to get back to it.)

so without any further delay, i present to you…

(click image)

…because being the youngest in a family really does have its perks, despite what i may think. XD

at TYP, i don’t have an amazing goal for it or anything. for now it’s just gonna be a place to be me. 🙂 and considering i’ve changed everything three times now in the past year, i most likely will again sometime in the future. but i’m really changing myself, so i try think of it as more of an upgrade.

i’m keeping this blog up though, as i’m currently using it for contests, but once those are over, ends&odds/craftz’n’craziness/whatever this place even is will be no more. (idk wether to be super happy or super sad.. HALP)

at any rate, i’m definitely back to posting and checking up on other blogs regularly. i miss talking with online bloggers and reading up on their lives. you’re all fabulous, and i haven’t forgotten ya.

so go pop on over, say hi if ya want, and check it out. i love any and all feedback, so just go for it. (and we’ve still got oreos… let that be your motivation, my friend.)

see you over thereee 😁